Business Growth

We believe that businesses of all sizes can thrive in Torbay.

There is a vibrant, forward-thinking, and ever-growing business community here in Torbay. The work we do is structured to make sure growth opportunities continue to exist, businesses can prosper, and that we embrace ambitious thinking. We want to ensure that Torbay is at the forefront of constructive and positive regeneration. Our focus to make this happen includes: 

Physical regeneration of town centres

Supporting exciting multi million-pound investment funds to drive forward a better experience of our town centres boosting investor and developer confidence.

Business aftercare and engagement

Working closely with Torbay‚Äôs business community ensures we understand their challenges and opportunities and can support their future growth.

Sector support

Key sectors in Torbay underpin our economy. We’re bringing businesses together across these sectors to understand their current and future needs and then, working with regional and national partners to identify solutions.

Developing infrastructure

Ensuring Torbay has good quality employment space in the right location, and the right size to support growing businesses.

People at work

Skills development

Working with our key employers to make sure the right skills support is in place to help those furthest from the labour market through to those looking to develop their career. 

Inward investment

As a region we have much to offer businesses looking to locate and invest in the area. Working with national and international companies brings new businesses into Torbay to build and complement the business mix. 

Business start-up support

Helping new businesses get off the ground by providing impartial advice and guidance. Supporting aspiring entrepreneurs to set up their business in the right way, improving their chance of success. 

We offer funding signposting and application support as well as on-going mentoring and workshops.

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