Town Centre Regeneration

Torquay High Street

TDA drives the regeneration of the Bay’s town centres

Nothing says more about a town than its centre.

The centre is a town’s heart and will be the part of town that most residents and visitors will know. Rightly or wrongly, it will be the place that determines the view of many people of the town in its entirety. Put simply, Torbay’s town centres matter.

Torbay’s town centres face significant economic, social and environmental challenges, making it very difficult to achieve town centre transformation at pace. All three towns however have huge potential and are set within a wonderful natural environment.

Torbay Council and TDA have put in place a strategy to transform Torbay’s town centres to create a much better consumer experience. This strategy provides a sharp focus for ongoing regeneration work with the emphasis on place making, coupled with high quality development, which delivers a range of benefits to Torbay and drives further investment.

In October 2020 confirmation was received that Torquay will receive a significant investment of £21.9 million from the Government’s Towns Fund. The Towns Fund provides Torquay with a once in a generation opportunity to bring about significant change with a focus on the town centre.

In addition, Torbay Council has received a further £13.36m Future High Streets Funding to kick start the exciting transformation of Paignton town centre.

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