Start-Up Torbay

The Project

Lead organisation: Torbay Council

Project name: Start Up Torbay

Investment priority: Supporting Local Businesses

Shared Prosperity Funding: £114,000


Start-Up Torbay is a project led by Kim Thornton. Kim has a wealth of experience in business support and has spearheaded many successful projects in the local community.

Start Up Torbay aims to provide continued support to Torbay’s entrepreneurial spirit and give people the confidence, skills, and practical advice they need to start a business.

Who can join the programme?

We provide a variety of interventions including workshops, webinars and one-to-one meetings for pre-starts, new-starts and growth ready businesses​

The programme is open to anyone in Torbay who is looking to start a business.

In addition, any Torbay-based business or individual looking to grow their enterprise is also eligible to apply.

What the programme entails and what participants will learn

The support given is flexible, practical and collaborative and is delivered through a mix of one-to-one appointments and Start up and Growth Workshops. Our specialist workshops are delivered by trusted experts. The programme will run until June 2025

How to sign up?

If you are interested in receiving business support, please contact Kim Thornton direct by:


T: 07824889100

Instagram: kim_tda


Testimonials from local businesses that have recently received business support

“The information, support and networking that happened within the workshops was incredible. The whole group supported each other, and we have all stayed in contact and continue to meet up regularly”, Nicole Berry Counselling

“Kim’s and the TDA’s support was invaluable in not only finding the initial confidence to take the leap into self-employment, but also in answering the practical questions that came up as I went through the process to the point I’m at now”, Leon Elliot Custom Coffee Co

Start-Up Torbay

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