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Torbay Council and TDA are proud to be part of the Torbay Together partnership, which brings together a wide range of businesses and organisations across the Bay who want to work together to improve our area.

Over the past year, the partnership has been speaking with partners, businesses and residents from across Torbay to develop a forward looking, positive and compelling story of Torbay and the three towns of Brixham, Paignton and Torquay.

We are all doing this so that together we can put the place on the map, highlight the great things about the area and talk about the opportunities we can offer to attract investment, create jobs and attract funding from Government.

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This is a fresh new approach to be place not organisation led in everything we do and the Council and TDA have an important enabling and convening role to help achieve this. This work builds on the successes of the partnership but also reflects the need for us to look outwards and think bigger as we seek to bring prosperity for all our residents.

The partnership have listened to what people think about our place, both the good and the bad, to create a shared story that highlights Torbay’s distinctiveness and character. We now have a clear, forward looking and vitally shared story for Torbay and each of the towns that will provide focus for their development and promotion.

We have also looked to widen the leadership of our place with a new Place Leadership Group for Torbay and Town Boards for Torquay, Paignton and Brixham. There is also a need to activate more collaboration within places and across Torbay and we are looking to energise that through the Torbay Together Champions Programme.

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What’s next:

Torbay Together launched their story and their new approach at the virtual event on 12 January 2022 where those that attended heard the exciting new approach for Torbay. The launch covered how we can all work together to shout about what makes Torbay an outstanding place to live, work and visit; from our beautiful Tor Bay and our stunning natural environment to hi tech businesses and a vibrant arts and cultural scene, to the incredible countryside and water sport opportunities.

Attendees also heard from inspirational Torbay people talking about what makes the area and the towns of Brixham, Paignton and Torquay special to them, the opportunities that exist and how you can become part of selling and telling this important story as we look to make the most of what our place has to offer.

If you did not make it to the launch it was recorded for you to watch at a time that is suitable for you.

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The next steps are to use the place stories to drive the development of Place Plans where we aim to identify projects and interventions that will help deliver the place stakeholders have described. There may not be immediate funding available for this work but we will have assessed and captured the ideas and a lot of activity may require no resource just collaboration and coordination of efforts in the community.

Alongside this we need to get the Torbay message out there to Government, private sector investors, potential visitors, potential start-up businesses etc and plans will be developed to do this too.

The partnership will also be arranging a brand masterclass where you and other stakeholders will hear more on how to use the visuals in any materials that are produced – this will be supported by a brand toolkit, assets and new place-led photography.

At the launch event it was mentioned that we will also be communicating about the Torbay Together Champions programme, that is designed to create a ‘stakeholder salesforce’ who use the narrative to get the message out about the place amongst their networks and contacts. The Champions meetings are an amazing opportunity to bring people together in a non-agenda, positive environment which is motivational and empowering. The first event will take place on 24th March, 5.30 – 7.00pm at South Devon College, by which time, circumstances permitting, we should be able to hold an in-person meeting that offers the benefit of being able to create buzz in the room and the opportunity to network, forge new connections, share ideas and open doors to new collaborations. How to sign up for this event will be available soon.

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