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Expression of Interest invited for delivering the Sector Pathways Programme

Torbay Council is exploring the opportunity of contracting with a provider, or group of providers, to deliver the Sector Pathways programme across Torbay. Torbay Council is seeking expressions of interest from providers capable of meeting the Council’s requirements.

Sector Pathways is funded through the Torquay Town’s Fund Deal, as one strand of the wider ‘Stronger Futures’ revenue programme which seeks to address challenges and ultimately improve Torquay’s economy. The programme will have a duration of 18 months and the contract value is expected to be £120,000 over this period.  Delivery and outcomes and outputs must be specific to Torquay.

The Sector Pathways programme will be flexible, and Torbay Council will be looking for providers to determine how the outputs can best be achieved, based on their understanding of the challenges and the field they operate within. It is currently Torbay Council’s intention to commission a programme that includes/achieves:

•             Increasing the skills of residents in the working age population;

•             Increasing the flow of people into key sectors, providing progression routes;

•             Increasing attractiveness of key sectors;

•             Encouraging children and young people to consider careers in the key sectors;

•             Working with training providers, employers, and sector spokespeople;

•             Working with employers to design training programmes for the fields and encourage employees to upskill using the courses.

Torbay Council is welcoming Expressions of interest for delivering the Sector Pathways programme. There are several short questions which will help Torbay Council understand the appetite for delivery.

This will be live until 12:00 Noon on Friday August 5th 2022

If you are interested in delivering Sector Pathways, please complete the EOI documents and return to Torbay Council via the messaging facility on the portal or to the procurement team email address which is

The links for submitting the Expressions of Interest can be found at:

Supplying The South West (ProContract):

Pre-Procurement Market Engagement for Sector Pathways Programme Delivery – Expression of Interest Op… (

Contracts Finder:

Pre-Procurement Market Engagement for Sector Pathways Programme Delivery – Expression of Interest Opportunity – Contracts Finder

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