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Foundations begin for new Torquay hotel

Work begins on the foundations of the 120 bedroom Premier Inn hotel in Torquay.

The £11M project is being built on part of Terrace Car Park and will complement existing hotel accommodation in Torquay, bring long term benefits to the town centre, businesses and the community.

The bulk excavation for the hotel has been complete in recent weeks, in preparation for laying the foundations. Spoil removal has also created space for the construction of an internal ramp, which gives better utilisation of the existing car park. The latest stage of the programme also sees preparation works for a new power substation, a crane base and lift shaft excavation.

This Torbay Council commissioned development is expected to be completed in early 2022.

Councillor Swithin Long, Torbay Council Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration, Tourism and Housing, said: “This is more great news for Torquay as we start the economic recovery process from COVID-19. The hotel will generate new employment of around 30 permanent jobs and over 150 jobs during construction. It will attract thousands of guests each year and bring in an additional £3.3M of tourism spend. Torbay Council worked hard to ensure that the construction contract with Midas includes requirements to employ local people and contractors, provide training for apprentices and support entrant trainees in key professions.

“The progress of this project comes at an exciting time for Torbay, with a range of multi-million pound projects coming online to make spaces where people can thrive. These include £21.9m from the government for Torquay Towns Fund, plus £13.36m announced by the government last month for the Future High Streets Fund for Paignton.”

Mike Borkowski, Business Development Director for Midas said: “After a flurry of activity on site, the foundations and retaining structures are almost complete. By the end of February the building really starts to take shape as we see the frame emerging from the ground. This will give just a hint of the fantastic view of the harbour that customers will be able to enjoy from every floor of Torquay’s newest hotel.

“Our commitment to keep the project spend as local as possible is on target and is also managing to support several local apprentices and trainees, gaining some valuable project experience in Torbay.”

Hester King, Programme and Project Manager at Whitbread, Premier Inn’s parent company, said: “We’re looking forward to welcoming guests to our second Premier Inn hotel in Torquay. The team are making good progress constructing the building and we are confident it will be popular with our guests when the doors open in 2022.”

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