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Have your say on Torbay’s Economic Growth Strategy  

Torbay Council in partnership with TDA would like to hear from those who live, work and own a business in the Bay on the priorities and actions in their draft Torbay Economic Growth Strategy. 

This new Strategy, which has come from evidence gathered from economic data, speaking to key stakeholders, partner organisations and a range of businesses based in the Bay, recognises the range and complex issues that come from being a coastal resort.  

It is an ambitious Strategy, covering the next eight years to 2030, with a clear vision that it is hoped communities and partners can support. It is important that stakeholders and partners get behind the strategy and support its delivery. Transforming Torbay’s economy will require a true partnership effort. 

The main priorities of the strategy are to: 

  • Build on our economic specialisms – which are photonics and micro-electronics, tourism and fishing industries.  
  • Help our community and residents to reach their potential 
  • Support innovators, entrepreneurs and business owners to stay and grow in Torbay 
  • Make the most of our natural landscape to grow our economy 

Councillor Swithin Long, Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration, Tourism and Housing, said: “We know that having a thriving economy in Torbay is about more than attracting investment in new buildings and infrastructure – it’s also about investing in our people so that they have the right education, skills and training. Working together we want to help businesses improve performance, create new opportunities for our residents, tackle poverty and improve health outcomes.  

“This is a long-term strategy which sets out the challenges we face, and the initiatives we are taking forward to address them. Many of these will require a long term commitment if we are to achieve a sustainable change that will grow our economy. 

“I really encourage our residents and businesses to take a look at this draft strategy and let us know if we have got our priorities and actions right. The work from this will not only impact those who choose to start and grow a business in Torbay but those who live and grow up here so we can make sure there are more opportunities and prospects available for everyone.” 

This consultation is now open and will be running until Sunday 2 October 2023.  

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