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TDA celebrates its seventh year

Set up in 2011 to deliver Torbay Council’s economic development, TDA is now a multi award winning company delivering services to public sector clients across the country.

Now in its seventh year, TDA has grown to over 100 employees, providing business and property services in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. As a business with a social purpose the income generated by TDA is used to positively impact on the economic and physical regeneration of Torbay.

Torbay’s Elected Mayor, Gordon Oliver, said: “Since TDA was established by Torbay Council seven years ago it has led the delivery of the Torbay Council’s economic strategy, focusing on local regeneration, business support and inward investment. The Council has continued to support TDA throughout its journey and it is great to see the progress the company has made and the projects it is delivering.”

The Estates Team at TDA ensures that occupancy levels of Torbay Council owned assets remain at 97%. Working on behalf of Torbay Council and managing its Investment and Regeneration Fund, TDA has acquired additional investment assets, which has increased the rent roll to 12.3m. This additional income helps Torbay Council sustain essential services at a time of challenge, to help make a difference to residents and businesses in Torbay.

Steve Parrock, Chief Executive of TDA, said: “TDA’s work makes a real difference to the lives of people in Torbay. Our work positively impacts on local schools, businesses, employment and skills, regeneration and investment into the area. While we deliver essential services for Torbay Council we also work hard to bring in funding and surpluses to help us achieve our objectives for Torbay.”

The impact of the work TDA delivers covers a number of areas.

In the last 12 months, TDA has delivered two jobs fairs, helping over 70 people back into work. It continues to support five foreign direct investment projects across priority industry sectors, safeguarding over 60 jobs and creating up to 80 new jobs.

In addition to this, TDA has worked with over 300 businesses to improve their performance, supporting 45 people to start up their own business.

On behalf of Torbay Council, TDA has won 6.6m of external funding to bring forward key capital projects EPIC and Claylands Business Park, TDA secured 40,000 to extend the MADE project, inspiring over 2,000 young people into manufacturing and engineering.

TDA’s Education Team has secured funding in excess 12m over the past two years, creating high quality nursery and school places. While this meets Torbay Council’s statutory duty to ensure all children have access to a school place, it also provides outstanding learning environments for Torbay’s children. In addition to supporting schools funding bids, TDA provides cost consultancy and project management services.

TDA engineers are working on projects including cliff stabilisation, harbour structural repairs, road widening schemes and flood alleviation programs to the tune of 14.7m. Working with the EU Circle on flooding research and case studies, TDA are considered experts in this field. The EU Circle Project is a pan-European framework for strengthening critical infrastructure resilience to climate change.

Vince Flower, Chairman of TDA, said: “We are very proud of how the business has grown. Providing a diversified service, TDA has solutions for the breadth of the public sector. Our growth has been founded on coupling a local, trusted presence with national reach. Our multi-disciplinary offer and regional presence makes us a popular choice for our public sector clients.

“TDA continues to work hard with its partners to deliver successful projects to improve the lives of people who live in, work in and visit Torbay.”

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