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Work commences on Cockington Flood Alleviation scheme

On Monday 26 April, TDA on behalf of Torbay Council will be commencing highway surfacing works outside Lanscombe Lodge Cottage, Cockington Lane, Torquay for a period of two weeks.

These are the latest works being completed as part of the £385k Cockington Village Flood Alleviation scheme. The works which will help reduce the risk of flooding to properties in Cockington are being jointly funded by the Council and the Environment Agency.

The carriageway outside Lanscombe Lodge Cottage on Cockington Lane will be re-profiled to direct flood water away from neighbouring properties.

As part of the closure period, SWISCo Ltd will also be carrying out patching work to areas of the carriageway that have shown signs of failure and removing trees that are infected with Ash dieback.

The removal of the Ash trees is part of the wider Ash dieback removal programme and is necessary for the safe use of the highway and adjacent footpaths.

Cockington Lane will be closed from Underhill Road and from the main village square with a diversion route put in place. Pedestrian and residential access will be maintained.

Kevin Mowat, Director of Place for Torbay Council, said; “As a Council we are committed to tackling climate change and addressing flood risks forms part of that work in order to protect our communities for future generations.

“We recognise this temporary road closure will cause some inconvenience, by completing a variety of essential works at the same time we are preventing the need for future road closures as we head towards the busy summer season.”

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