Ready for Work

The Project

Ready for Work is an employment programme designed to help unemployed people, primarily from Torbay’s most deprived areas, to become ready for employment and ultimately secure work.

The programme seeks to address the economic challenges facing individuals within Torbay, improve their employability and help create more skilled and productive labour which benefits the local community and local economy.

Ready for Work incorporates six stages all designed to help customers learn the necessary skills to move from being unemployed into meaningful work. The programme is delivered by both highly skilled performance and employment engagement coaches, and it offers the following:

  • A staged programme with sessions that involve both one-to-one coaching and group sessions
  • Help to improve confidence, motivation and resilience
  • Opportunity to gain greater self-awareness and help to identify individual strengths
  • Support to identify skills and define competency set
  • Setting realistic & challenging goals, followed by realistic action planning
  • Development of a solid CV, appropriate for today’s modern world
  • Preparation for sourcing and applying for jobs
  • Knowledge and identification of local labour market requirements
  • Employer Engagement and job matching
  • Ongoing in work support

The Ready for Work scheme has been funded by Torbay Council and is delivered by Motiv-8 SW with TDA.

If you would like support with gaining employment, or further information on the programme please contact 01392 873939.

Ready for Work

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