Future High Streets Fund

The Project

Supporting the transformation of Paignton town centre

Torbay Council has secured £13.36m Future High Streets Funding to kick start the exciting transformation of Paignton town centre. The Future High Streets Funding will enable infrastructure improvements, new homes at strategic locations in the town and an enhanced cultural offer.


The community led plans focus on the heart of the town centre, including Station Square and regeneration opportunities at Crossways and Victoria Centre. Other projects that will benefit from the funding are Paignton and Preston Public Realm, Paignton Flood Defence Scheme and bringing Paignton Picture House back into use.

The funding will also stimulate matched investment into Paignton town by other private and public investors, totalling in excess of £100 million. This will complement the recent significant investment made in Paignton made by Fragrance Group and St Austell Brewery.

Future High Streets Fund

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