Torbay has seen vast investment across photonics, life science, manufacturing and the tourism and leisure sectors by both UK and foreign owned companies, and there’s more planned investment in the pipeline.

Tourism & Hospitality

Everyone knows Torbay, also known as ‘The English Riviera’ is a top location for tourism. The Torbay hotels sector continues to attract record levels of investment.

Electronics & Photonics

Torbay has a long association with electronics dating back to the 1940’s. Today it is known worldwide for its expertise in photonics, fibre optics and lasers, with world leading companies choosing Torbay as their R&D base. 

Fisheries & Seafood

Fishing is synonymous with the historic port of Brixham. The largest catch by value in England arrives into the leading Brixham Fish Market, with world famous produce ending up across the UK and beyond. Major UK and smaller fish and seafood processing businesses are already located here and the sector continues to grow.

Medical & Healthcare Technologies

Life sciences, medical and healthcare expertise is abundant across Torbay and includes world leading facilities such as the Brixham Marine Laboratory, the Horizon Centre at Torbay Hospital, specialist NHS manufacturer Torbay Pharmaceuticals and Scymaris who provide ecotoxicology, environmental fate, plant metabolism and analytical chemistry services to the global agrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing exporting business such as Japanese owned Nissha Medical Technologies are located here in Torbay. These businesses are attracted by investment opportunities, strong links with R&D at Exeter and Plymouth Universities, high-calibre employees of degree level or above, and new development schemes that provide fit for purpose space, perfect to support business growth.

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