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A hub for healthcare

The presence of a flagship hospital, exceptional R&D organisations and education providers makes Torbay a hub for medical and healthcare companies and related organisations. The potential for this sector to grow and develop in the region is considerable, with the South West becoming one of the UK’s leading clinical research centres for conditions such as diabetes, dementia and neurodegenerative diseases.

With major organisations and companies already here, Torbay represents an excellent opportunity for companies specialising in new product development and research & development in medical technologies to locate here. There are three key organisations in Torbay that act as focal points for collaboration, ongoing investment and new product innovations that are used across the world.

Torbay Hospital  has a strong reputation for developing new operating techniques and clinical procedures. This makes it of particular interest to pharmaceutical companies, especially those focused on providing devices and support for older patients. As one of the UK’s flagship hospitals, Torbay Hospital can provide a high level of expert knowledge and access to some of the sector’s most respected clinicians.

In October 2020 the Prime Minister announced that Torbay Hospital would be one of 40 hospitals to receive funding.  This will entail a rebuild of a smaller acute ‘hot’ hospital, a ‘cold’ elective centre and monies for a collaborative North East South elective centre all underpinned by a high-tech electronic patient record system and technology enabled care.

The Horizon Centre

This is one of five flagship Centres of Innovation in the UK and has strong international links with respected R&D centres such as the Mayo and Kaiser Clinics in the USA. The centre provides hi-tech testing facilities as well as education, innovation and research.

The Horizon Centre offers an environment that allows procedures to be tested fully in real time before they are rolled out across the NHS and private healthcare sector. It also offers a full suite of audio visual, interlinked training areas for clinical experts to exchange information, best practice and learn operating techniques using multi-million-pound equipment.

The Torbay Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit

The Torbay Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit produces injectable pharmaceuticals for: analgesia, anaesthesia, cardiovascular systems, gastrointestinal systems, nutrition and blood, and ophthalmology. Trading for over 45 years, the business has grown to become the largest wholly NHS owned contract manufacturer serving global markets.

R&D and academic expertise

Torbay’s position as a central link in the healthcare ‘corridor’, including major institutions such as the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, provides companies with the ability to conduct clinical trials and early stage product development.

The nearby University of Exeter Medical School provides world leading training, education, research and leadership across healthcare areas including diabetes, cardiovascular risk & aging, environment & human health, health services research and neuroscience and mental health.

With exciting new additions to our local sector to be announced in the coming months the future for medical and healthcare in Torbay is extremely positive.

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