Harbour View

The Project

Supporting our tourism sector

Harbour View is an £11M hotel construction project being built on part of an underused car park. The new hotel will complement existing hotel accommodation in Torquay, bringing long term benefits to the town centre, businesses and the community.

The significance of the project goes beyond the construction of a new, purpose-built branded hotel operated by one of the UK’s leading hotel operators. The 120-bedroom Premier Inn hotel will generate new employment of around 30 permanent jobs and over 150 jobs during construction. It will attract thousands of guests each year and bring in an additional £3.3M of tourism spend.


Project partners worked hard to ensure that the construction contract includes requirements to employ local people and contractors, provide training for apprentices and support entrant trainees in key professions. The project has provided training on site for apprentices and hosted site visits to provide construction careers information to cohorts of young people. Additionally, the project workforce has achieved qualifications and industry recognised certificates through training plans. All this helps achieve a key local priority, raising employment and skills in Torbay.

Harbour View

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